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  • Address : Saudi Arabia, AL- Khobar 31952, Rikaz Industrial Area
  • Telephone : +(966) 532522888
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+(966) 532522888


B2-Flex specializes in solutions for many environmental challenges: oil spills, containment solutions, industrial maintenance and filtration.

B2-Flex provides  full range of 100% eco-friendly products for spill control.

At the heart of all products is our unique patented filler – a revolutionary material made of natural fibers with nano reinforcement, which helps clean spills faster and in a more efficient way.

B2-Flex  is a Saudi Arabian based company, with our corporate office located in Khobar.

B2-Flex absorbents are certified by CEDRE (Center of Documentation, Research and Experimentation on Accidental Water Pollution).

Production ISO 9001/ISO 8001 certified.